Flush Door

WudGres FLush Door are simple interior and exterior doors that features clean facing in both sides of the construction. While the flush door is more closely associated with function rather than style, this plan sort of door lends itself well to a number of room designs where the desire is to highlight other elements in the space. Doors of this type will have a solid core. The typical Flush Door is manufactured by using two section of plywood that are attached to each side of wooden frame. While the interior of the door is made of solid hardwood battens.

The frame in WudGres flush door are 100% Seasoned Hardwood. These flush doors are made in Moisture Resistant (MR) and Boiling Water Resistant (BWR) grade, duly bonded with Melamine Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin and Fortified Phenoal Formaldehyde Synthetic Resin respectively.

Outstanding Features
  • Excellent strength, stiffness impact resistance.
  • Exceptional durability against moisture and cyclic change in weather.
  • Unique dimensional stability.
  • No wrapping & delamination when subject to chnages in atmospheric condition.
  • Anti-insect Toxicant mixed with adhesive make doors - Borer & Termite Resistant

Great consistency in quality - assured by standardized industrial processing techniques and quality control system.


Ideally suitable for exterior use such as Main door, Bathrooms, Toilets, Kitchen, Balcony doors etc.